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Juices & Cleanses

Our cleanses and juices are made of 100% fruits and vegetables with no additives. Our juices are paleo friendly. They make great breakfasts, desserts, and meal replacements. These juices and cleanses are great for body cleansing or a detox. With Juice-a-lot we promise that our juices are never processed, never watered down, and always 100% natural.


1 Day Juice Cleanse


14 Day Teatox


21 Day Juice Cleanse


28 Day Teatox


3 Day Juice Cleanse

Regular Price:  $130.00

Special Price :   $89.00

3 Day Juice Cleanse with 14 Day Teatox

Regular Price:  $149.00

Special Price :   $99.00

3 Day Juice Cleanse with Garcinia Cambogia


5 Day Juice Cleanse


5 Day Juice Cleanse with 14 Day Teatox



Located in the heart of San Francisco, at Juice-a-lot we believe in treating the body well by consuming raw, fresh, and unprocessed foods. We strive to improve the health and well being of everyone, by conveniently offering juices and cleanse plans in the form that nature intended them to be- and right to their doorsteps.

What sets us apart from the rest is our non-pressed, non-pasteurized, no water added method of juice making. We never have added sugars or preservatives. What we provide is 100% real and 100% healthy. By blending our juices we are not compromising the loss of any beneficial ingredients. Enjoy fiber and all, the way nature intended fruit and vegetables to be.  

Aloha Juice


Beach Potato


Cayenne Crush


Choco Power


Citrus Sunrise


Grand Slam


Green Goliath


Green Hornet


Let it Beet


Mint Condition


Pina Colada


Pineapple Snap


Turmeric Tropicana



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